Taco Bueno Chosen by Consumers Over Chipotle and Rubios

A survey completed by Marketforce in January 2016 pertaining to dining habits of junk food customers reveals that Taco Bueno was the leading selection for eating Mexican design food on the move. The poll was concluded utilizing actions of 10,000 customers.

While Taco Bueno is not the largest chain among the pack of challengers, they do have more than 180 places throughout the United States, and have actually been around considering that 1967 when founder Bill Waugh started the business.

Have a look at the chart below to see how popular Mexican convenience food chains like Chipotle, Taco Bell and Baja Fresh stack up. Rubios was the clear victor in 2015, however Taco Bueno made some changes, or the top quality of either food or solution has actually reduced at Rubios.

Of various other fascinating notes, 10% of consumers likewise disclosed that they were dissatisfied regarding their last experience consuming at a Fast food Mexican restaurant. Other intriguing survey findings show that mobile app and also digital wallet repayments are on the increase as 23% of the people surveyed claimed they had used this form of settlement within the last 90 days of their convenience food acquisitions.

From the overall of people surveyed, 51% of them made more than $50,000 in yearly salary. There were even more ladies compared to men being available in at 68% compared with 32%.

Exactly what this details informs us

Big brand names that once controlled the market are not constantly the preferred in spite of their marketing initiatives. Details online that people are disseminating and also reviewing for themselves could be influencing the options and habits individuals make even more than ever before.



We did nevertheless consider some of the evaluations of Taco Bueno right in the home town of the place it started of Abilene Texas and also located a rating of 3.4 star rating as well as 2.7 star ranking for two areas. This might be mainly as a result of mainly miserable customers going online to leave reviews, or it could be a representation of how negative the fast food Mexican food market absolutely is. Our preferred review by far though was the following.

It's taco bell with much less options, worse rates, and just as much looseness of the bowels.

How does Taco Bueno stack up against the other Mexican convenience food competitors on the listing over? We would certainly enjoy to find out about it in the comments listed below.

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